How We Can Help You

Sorting out a Mortgages or Insurance Policy can be a bit of a head ache at times:

  • Bank appointments not convenient to you.
  • Not sure if you are getting the right product for your circumstances.
  • Can’t get time out of you day to get it dealt with.
  • Don’t trust the banks.
  • Having to fill in applications and make phone calls and speak to automated services.

Sound familiar?

This mainly happens when you are purchasing property or when you are looking for a new Mortgage deal for most every two to five years.

THE MORTGAGE  - normally your biggest expense (apart from the kids), the one you most worry about, getting this right is important?

INSURANCE – what do I need, when would I need it, how much do I pay and what do I get from it? The world of Insurance/Assurance is a maze, make sure you get the right advice before buying.

Saving a few percentage points over 25 years is potentially worth thousands. Buying the wrong Insurance could cost you thousands.

At Encore FS we have a simple process that works.

  • Initial consultation at our cost and at your convenience.
  • Research the market to get you the right deal at the right price.
  • Provide personalised illustrations for your Mortgage and how to Protect it.
  • Process all the paper work (no need for you to get involved, you supply we process)
  • Work as a hub to make sure all parties are working on time to deliver the offer of loan.
  • Post completion keep you posted on goings on in the market place from website to emails.
  • Yearly review or when even you wish to speak to us.
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